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Why is Vip-Popki.net is good for You?

  • Constantly growing audience of potential customers
  • More than 6,000 targeted visitors per day
  • Convenient interface for managing profiles and Ads
  • Flexible system of bonus accrual
  • We are in the TOP of search engines for the most conversion queries.
  • GOLD advertisment

    Get more contacts and declare the seriousness of your offers!

    • Above all Free ads in the City
    • VIP status is valid for 7 days !!!  
    • Visual design in the ad list of Cities
    • Premium-Scroll - display ads on every page 
    • Manage your Ad: edit, change photos, change description
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  • DIAMOND advertisment

    More views = more contacts!

    • Above all VIP and Free ads in the City
    • DIAMOND Banner  in every city, on every page!
    • First place at Premium-Scroll feature
    • Duration - 72 hours for just 100 tokens
    • Diamond Ad -  visual design
    • Manage your Ad: edit, change photos, change description
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  • Free advertisment

    Register for free to post Ads

    • Choose the City where you want to place your ad
    • Indicate contacts and messengers of communication
    • Add photos
    • Add information that you consider necessary and important 
    Register for free!

Premium features:

  • Cost of GOLD status: 30 tokens
    Ad will be displayed above free ads for 7 days. Subsequent activation of the function will add additional 7 days of status and raises the message above other VIP and free messages on the Home page and in the City.
  • Cost of DIAMOND status: 100 tokens
    The ad is displayed above GOLD and free Ads for a period of 72 hours! Additional function will add 72 hours of status to the Ad!
  • Cost of UP function: 15 tokens
    Function will raise your Ad to the first line of the list. Available only for GOLD and DIAMOND Ads .

How to pay for premium features on the site?

You can replenish your account using the WebMoney payment system by payment from wallet to wallet.

The site has the following replenishment system:

  1. Make a WebMoney payment to the wallet (WMU or WMZ) specified in the "Add tokens" section of your personal account;
  2. Select in the "Add tokens" section the amount of WMZ for replenishment;
  3. Fill in the fields in the form and click "Pay with WebMoney";
  4. The minimum deposit amount is 6 WMZ;
  5. Exchange rate 1 WMZ = 5 tokens;
  6. After submitting the application, you will be redirected to the merchant's page;

You can ask your questions to technical support.